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Wainwright Trail

Hi to all
Barbados has been moved to the “green” list of countries that need 2 days of quarantine.
I am taking the opportunity to come to the UK and walk from St. Bees to Robin Hood Bay following Mr. Wainwright’s route.
If anyone has information of good campsites, or any other up to date information that is not found on the web I would appreciate it. Booking accommodation is difficult as most places are full. I will be camping most of the way.
Thanks, William :flag-bb:

Re: Wainwright Trail

Hi William. No specific info but 2 strategies will help you get across:-
1. Knock on the door of any farmhouse on your way and ask permission to camp stressing you will leave no trace. Keep your 2m distance tho.
2. Stealth camping. Find a site at dusk, out of site. If you are caught just be agreeable and be prepared to either move on or more likely pay up if asked to do so.
Good luck and have a great time.

Re: Wainwright Trail

I can't help with the campsites but ironically I just left Robin Hoods Bay in the last hour and I can tell you that there is an incredibly good pub at the end of the walk, The Bay Hotel, which has named its bar after the great man himself. Had a very satisfying pint after some local walks, including bits of the CtoC, with Missus and dog. Saw some backpackers arrive and they seemed to be very warmly welcomed.

Re: Wainwright Trail

I quite like the campsite at Keld - no need to book, just turn up - the site is quite huge, so it's easy to find a quiet spot. There's a cafe there too which will do breakfasts (and they let me and my dog in!)
I also camped at the Lion Inn at Blakey - just over the wall by the car park. They made a nominal charge. It's used by lots of people having evening meals but after about 7 o'clock it went quiet and I could get in for a meal. (They let my dog in there too and one customer bought him a t-bone steak because he waged his tail at him....!)
In between these places I camped wild -in Ennerdale, campsite at Chapel Farm in Borrowdale (this is good, and near a pub, but may be closed just now due to covid eeejits who should be in Spain getting drunk and having fights) - on a flat bit half way up Helvellyn - at Angle Tarn (very mucky spot, though) B&B in Shap, a spot near Kirkby Stephen, Keld, Reeth campsite (they put me in a caravan!) - on a random farm in the Vale of York, campsite at Osmotherley and the Lion at Blakey and a campsite on the NY Moors where the owner brough out tea and cakes (can't remember exactly where this was!)

Re: Wainwright Trail

Thanks very much to everyone who offered good advice both on this message board and direct. I had a very good crossing and used some of the wild camp sites recommended.

My favorite was definitely Angle Tarn. It was a perfect evening and morning. The kind that I will remember for many years.

It was not on on "Plan A" to camp there but the pub I was planning to stay in was preparing for a big crowd to watch a football match so I pushed on. I did not have to ask the results when I arrived Shap! Just the look on peoples faces said it all!

All in all it was an enjoyable hike and I am very glad I was able to get off this small rock in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

See you in 2022