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Re: up to date

As commented on your blog Janet.
It is actually Back Burn of Arnbarrow. A place that I have been trying to get challengers to consider, for the very reasons you mention, it is a pleasant walk along the track that follows the burn, you really feel that you are still in the highlands and there are, as you discovered several good camping pitches. The water is also normally very clear, just ask my dog. I suspect that it was coloured due to recent peat runoff after the rain that you experienced.
The name will just come from the fact that it is on the other side of Arnbarrow Hill from Arnbarrow Farm at NO 653771.

The area used to be the King's deer park in medieval times when Old Kincardine Castle was an important place.http://www.clanstrachan.org/history/lands/kincardine_castle.htm

Coming from Charr via Back Burn of Arnbarrow is one of the starting points for the Fetteresso guide that I put together for challengers a couple of years ago.



Re: up to date

I really enjoyed your write-up, Janet. It made me remember how much I'd enjoyed my Morar start. Yes, hard work at times but I felt so lucky to be in such a beautiful place (even though the cloud was too low to see much!).

I also remember, with terror, the Allt Gharbh Ghaig landslip!

(I would have commented on your blog but Blogger is demanding I login).

Re: up to date

Great write-up Janet.

I’m intrigued to know what was your FWA from Tarbet to Glen Dessary.

Just looking at the map it seems a fifty-fifty choice between the shores of Loch Nevis or Loch Morar.

Given the huge crowds starting from Mallaig/Inverie, Morar looks like an interesting choice for lovers of solitude (or in my case anti-social miserable old gits!).

So far, I’ve started well to the north - maybe a more southerly start next year? This year route is all sorted from Strathcarron.

Re: up to date

It was a 2 day FWA avoiding the Morar ridge completely.

FWA: Day 1 Road S. Track under railway S .Skirt W edge of Blar na Caillich Buidhe to Suniletter. Track Scamadale. Path Lochan a Bhealaich. E Locahan a Choire Riabhaich, Lochan Feith a Mhadaich. E to Meoble. S and E along N shore Loch Beoraid
Day 2 Path to Kinlochbeoraid. Watercourse Gleann Donn. Path Allt a Chaol ghlinne to Corryhully. Path NE to Glen Pean - and back on course

Re: up to date


That’s a brilliant FWA - still lots of interest - a couple of potentially dodgy river crossings, but even where the ground looks confusing east of Loch an feith a mhadaidh, you’ve only got to find a way east to find a stream down to Meoble.

That one’s definitely being added to my ‘possibles’ file for future challenges.

Re: up to date

Furthermore - if day 1 is foul and you start on the FWA and it turns fine on day 2 there is what looks like a very interesting way up Ruighe Breac onto Sgurr nan Coireachan and over Sgurr Thuilm down to Glen Cuirnean and Glen Pean

Re: up to date

Hi Janet,

What a great route!

I had thought of starting at Monar, but decided to go back to an Oban start. Maybe next year? That start along the ridge sounds like a must do - although I have seen (You Tube) one account of a few Challengers who didn't get the good weather that you enjoyed. I think you are right in calling it one of the hardest starts.

That day up from Loch Ossian was superb.
That descent from Geal Charn had me a bit concerned before getting there - and I'm pleased that the weather was good.
I must have been lucky, as I managed to stumble across the path down it fairly quickly.

It was great to meet up with you a couple of times after that.