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Route Advice


On Wed 13th I will be camping at Coignafeuineternich (NH726177) The next night will be at the Red Bothy.

My initial route carries me along the River Findhorn to NH773242 and then over the hills.

Now I am thinking of going along Allt Mhuilin to NH751168, and then between the 710 and 713 Spot heights to join the path.

Any advice on this option would be welcome.

Thanks, William :flag-bb:

Re: Route Advice

Hi William,

Great to see that you are back on again.

I camped at Coignafeuinternich ruins - good spots there.

Then crossed over to the track by Allt Mhuilinn. Made my way on the tracks to around NH746153 - there are a few new tracks in the area, as I recall.

Then went roughly SE to Caochan Crom nan Eag - it is rough and peat hags abound. Then over to the track at NH788151. I seem to remember some new tracks, but there were some more - doable - rough hagly bit to get there. It was not raining on the day I did it - in the wet it would be more interesting. Plenty of burn crossings on the way I went.

I think any way cutting across the Monadhliath will prove interesting - peat hags and the odd track - or more (unfortunately).

That was my experience: others may have more, much better ideas.

Hope to meet you again at some point.

Re: Route Advice

Hi William!
A quick look at geograph.org.uk suggests most of the route is fine, heathery, rough and boggy perhaps, but fairly average for the Monadhliaths. This square:
Empty squares suggest that it's more of the same and most people don't go there, but that does not mean it's not possible, just might be time consuming 🤣
I would say that it is the obvious route and I would plan it myself. That is not necessarily a good thing, but I've survived so far 😂
Go for it and enjoy!

Re: Route Advice


I’m planning the same overnight camp on the Wed - are you coming from Ault na Goire on the Tuesday?

My route the next day takes me north of the 710 spot height between it and carn nan luibean glas.
From there to the allt an tudair joining the track to red bothy at NH789186.
This is totally worked from the map - no prior knowledge.
My vetter suggests the track up the Allt Mhuillin goes quite a bit higher than currently mapped.
Your route and mine both have about the same amount of ‘off-piste’ - pot luck which is the easier.
My vetter also suggests that ‘careful navigation will be necessary’ - no surprises there!

I changed my mind several times about the route from Ault-na-Goire to Aviemore and decided in the end to do it in two hard days - time will tell whether that’s a wise decision or not.

Look forward to meeting you at Coignafeuineternich.


Re: Route Advice


In 2014 I did much the same route that you are describing, up to the end of the track at NH750169 then over by the 710 spot height bogbashing east over and down by Allt Steallaig to pick up a track to the Red Bothy.
It was a slog up to the spot height and a bit rough over to the track but no more than that.
I recall arriving at the bothy just after midday so it could not have been too taxing. I had set off from Coignafeuineternich at about 8'o clock.

The weather was good and I did not have any problems, but that is only my experience.
Hope you enjoy your trip, all the best.

Re: Route Advice

Much thanks to all for the very helpful advice. I have changed my route and will use the original as a FWA. But it will be another perfect day weather wise.

I will give the route another last look tonight and submit it tomorrow.

Hope to meet everyone along the way.


Re: Route Advice

Hello William,

I did a similar route to Gordon a few years ago. with a messy traverse through peat hags. You can't avoid it in that area. Fingers crossed you have a dry day!

If the weather is bad and you go for the FWA I assume you are on the track as far as NH781205, then crossing to Carn Thearlaich, NH789187. Make sure you follow your bearings there. I daydreamed and followed my nose and got well mis-positioned (OK lost) on that shortish traverse.
NB there are tea huts at NH785216 and 797178 if you need shelter.:smiley:

Re: Route Advice

Hi William,

as I recall there are no obstacles on the way up, just a locked shooting hut at the end of the good track. Well, just past the ruins of Coignafeuinternich, there is a sheep fence and a little river crossing.
Going down after the 710 - 730 m point I stuck really close to the river and there was a nice walking corridor, sometimes even with a little path made by sheep. It was so nice, I even took it to the road that crosses the Allt Steallaig. The road now goes on for quite a bit to the east. When I walked there, there was a lot of shooting going on - maybe wear something bright? :)