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Final weigh in.

Base weight 19Lbs (8.6Kg) (Copper spur 2, Exped 7, Osprey EXOS 58)

With 3 days food, 1 litre water, 1.5 litres wine its 30lbs (13.6Kg)

Re: Final weigh in.


Better get that wine drunk on the first day to lighten up!

See you at Montrose.


Re: Final weigh in.

Neil Fraser
Base weight 19Lbs (8.6Kg) (Copper spur 2, Exped 7, Osprey EXOS 58)

With 3 days food, 1 litre water, 1.5 litres wine its 30lbs (13.6Kg)
Who in their right mind would carry a litre of water? :thinking_face: :grinning:

Looks like the first night is well taken care of: slainte. :wine_glass:

Re: Final weigh in.

Finally packed and now I’m thinking what have I forgot 😬 All in 16.3 KG happy with that and I have some nice luxuries to look forward to but I am with Gordon carrying water is suicidal, that Scottish water is the freshest tipple Iv ever tasted and never been ill. Once my kilt is taken out it should be slightly lighter but their is no way I am going threw security at Gatwick Airport with it on!

Re: Final weigh in.

My sack feels suspiciously heavy. I suspect I may have overdone the jelly baby rations. :thinking_face:

Re: Final weigh in.

That's great Phil. Miss W has clearly done as I asked and slipped my tent in your sack. Thanks. You're a real toff.

Re: Final weigh in.

Had my first final weigh in last night - 11.2kg.

My spreadsheet says 10.1kg - forgot to weigh the loo paper in the spreadsheet?

I think I've sneaked some extra food into the bag too - four days food to carry from beginning this year. Chose whisky rather than wine - more bang per gramme!

Will check again tomorrow night and make final decision on rations and warm gear - at least the weather forecast is looking very positive!

Re: Final weigh in.

As a guide do you not want your total weight to exceed 20% of your body weight.

So for example, I weigh 14 stone which works out at 89kg and 20% of that is 17.8kg. My total weight is currently 16.4kg including food so I am within that limit.

Re: Final weigh in.

That's heavy Paul and near the recognised limit that you quote. Mine's just packed and is 11.6kg with everything in including food for 5 days and my luxury item (Kindle). Includes emergency devices: SPOT, GPS, phone, capacitor charger and cable. I don't carry any liquid of any sort. Plenty of beautiful clean water to be scooped up. May filter when in farmland though.
Free travel to Kilchoan tomorrow courtesy of my bus pass. Takes 8hrs, whereas I could drive it in 5, but have all day to relax and reflect. 😎

Re: Final weigh in.

I thought it was a bit heavy as well Simon so I've taken some stuff out and now it's down to 15.4kgs. Also I have 9 Ordnance Survey maps which weigh approx. 300g each which will gradually be sent home. Plus my 7 year old Blacks single man tent weighs in at 1.8kgs but still shows no signs of wearing out!

Re: Final weigh in.

Your maps are heavy. I take OS maps too, but I cut them up to only cover my route plus an approx 5km corridor either side. I find them clearer than printing myself from a mapping tool. I have a GPS, that is off nearly all the time, should I stray outside that. You could prob save 2/3rds of your map weight by cutting them up, although I know it feels like sacrilidge!

Re: Final weigh in.

Base weight 7kg.
With 4 days food 8.5kg.

Exos 48. Telemark 2. Eped UL7. Revaltion -1 Quilt.
Luxuries: Kindle and a down pillow case.

Re: Final weigh in.

1.5kg food for 4 days? I wish I could walk all day and survive on that! I am clearly a bit of a pig because I need double that amount. Fortunately I don't need to carry four days worth from the start.

Re: Final weigh in.

I reckon I’m carrying 3.6kg for four days - that’s including a gas cylinder so 800g per day food - and I’ll definitely need a binge feed at Fort Augustus!

Re: Final weigh in.

Calorie wise this amount of food is a bit more than needed for me. It has fibre, sugars and proteins, and accounts for anaerobic/aerobic daily efforts.
There is another thread on here somewhere about calories and food taken, If you want to lighten up, its worth a read to start at least.

Per day - 50g

Muesli x 50g (dried fruit, almond powder, matcha powder).

Per day - 145g

Grenade bar x 1 - 60g
Mini chocolate x 1 - 15g
Trail mix/biltong x 70g

LUNCH type 1 (alternate)
Per day - 198g

Smoked mussels x 1 - 85g
Pita wrap x 1 - 31g
Cup of soup x 1- 25g
Crackers pkt x 1 - 25g
Cheese spreads x 2 - 32g

LUNCH type 2 (alternate)
Per day -193g

Tuna pouch x 1 - 80g
Pita wrap x 1 - 31g
Miso soup x 1 - 15g
Crackers x pkt 1 - 25g
Cheese spreads x 2 - 32g

Per day - 121g

Dehydrated meal x 1
(Extreme foods - 102g).
(Summit to eat - 134g).
Hot non caffeine tea drink x 1 - 3g

Day 1 - 191g
Day 2 - 514g
Day 3 - 514g
Day 4 - 393g

Day 5 - 464g
Day 6 - 388g

Day 7 - 464g
Day 8 - 514g
Day 9 - 514g
Day 10 - 393g

Day 11 - 459g
Day 12 - 514g
Day 13 - 514g
Day 14 - 195g

Re: Final weigh in.

I would die on that diet! I reckon I need at least 800g a day. 😱

Re: Final weigh in.

After much faffing,

My total weight including 3 days of food is coming in at 12 kg.

I could lighten that a little further, but don't want to be too ruthless.

Re: Final weigh in.

I admire all of your load humphing abilities. I'm at Coylumbridge on my way to Torridon. The tops are all white with fresh snow but at least some of that should go before we get back here. Have a great trip everyone.