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Re: Trail/approach shoes

Remember 2018 was a dry year. One wet day, that was it.

What is appealing about having wet feet and feeling rocky terrain through your soles? I’m sorry, I just can’t buy in even though more and more are going this route. I can’t imagine doing a high level route in anything other than an ankle supporting boot, but I do use lightweight ones, not mountaineering or full leather.

What I continue to enjoy about the challenge is everyone has their own individual tastes or levels of comfort. Some don’t need a pillow (I do) or use a 3/4 length mat (I don’t) or carry ‘real’ food (I do but it’s dehydrated) or sleep on a garbage bag (no one does, or do they.). It’s all part of the TGO charm!

Re: Trail/approach shoes

I know where you are coming from Julie.

Did TGOC in 2011 in Trail Shoes: rained every day.:sob:

Trail shoes still feel comfy when wet - unlike wet boots.

I still use boots for full on Winter.

As you say: it's all about individual taste and what makes us feel most comfortable.

Look forward to meeting you again, at some time.

Re: Trail/approach shoes

I too like the Altra Lone Peaks (3.5). But I read that the new Lone Peaks 4 have a little less cushioning and a lot of people are switching to the Altra Timps...
The Altra Olympus have a lot of cushioning but the grip on the edges is not very good because of that - in my opinion.
Another pair that was really nice were the La Sportiva Wildcats.

I use them with Gore Tex Socks (Gore Bike Wear) when going through bog in Scotland. :)

Re: Trail/approach shoes

I've used them for all my backpacking for a decade or so.

Get into a shop and try on a range of them to see what suits your feet.

In general people will recommend what works for them, which is a useful guide, but might not work for you.

On that bandwagon my preference is for Brookes Cascadia, or La Sportiva Wildcats as a close second.

Re: Trail/approach shoes

I had 2 pairs of La Sportiva Wildcats and also found them excellent. I switched to Altras after seeing them and .... getting them half price. I found the Lone Peak 2s pretty robust - more so than the Wildcats.

Re: Trail/approach shoes

I've used Trail shoes since 2011.
Can't see me changing this year.
Nothing else has the feel in the sole or the grip.

Re: Trail/approach shoes

I'll add to that.
I use Inov8 Roclites.
Used to use Terrocs.
They work for me.
That is just me.
My feet.

You need to find a pair that work for your feet, and that you have thoroughly tested first.

Re: Trail/approach shoes

I’ve worn trail shoes for backpacking for the last ten years or so. Mostly inov8 - I loved the terrocs sadly no more - currently wearing parkclaw 275s - lots of cushioning - not sure if they’ve enough grip for mountains. I’ve also got a pair of Salomon x ultra mid 3 gtx which are light boots - a good halfway house - unless I change my mind, I’ll wear them for this year’s challenge. Salomon are narrow fitting which suits me, a number of the brands suggested by others are too wide for me.

I carry more socks with trail shoes as they get wet quicker, I also buy half a size bigger for walking than I would for running so I can wear double socks - it’s a process of trial and error to find out what works.

I suspect it’s also true that most trail shoe wearers carry fairly light packs - less stress on the feet so you can get away with less padding in the midsoles.

Hope you find something that helps you to have a good crossing.