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Re: Which Whiskey????

I thought whiskey was Irish and whisky was Scottish?

Re: Which Whiskey????

See...I'm learning all the time.

I assume we are all talking Whisky. But the choice is yours....

Re: Which Whisky????

Don't take the ones you don't feel burning once swallowed.

Tallisker, Highland Park, MacAllan are great.

I won't be taking any of them (we Dutch are even tighter than the Scots) and hope to be offered a wee dram along the way ).
I'll stick to the one and only original Uisge Beatha.

Re: Which Whisky????

I'm still working my way through the list - so I haven't decided yet which is my favourite.........

Re: Which Whisky????

you could always take a good welsh whiskey and wind the locals up by telling them how good it is

Re: Which Whisky????

Apparently English Whisk(e)y is not too bad as well! But that could mean instant dismissal from the Challenge.

Re: Which Whisky????

I'd go for a Jura myself. Always finishes clean.

Re: Which Whisky????

Thanks for the advice. Where can I get it at a good price in Glasgow? Close to the train stations.


Re: Which Whisky????

Number 2 son visited last week with an Islay malt (Bruichladdich Distillery)gifted by a friend for his birthday. Called Black Arts, I (a Talisker addict) thought it delicious, and worth a change.

Price £95.50!!!!. So not an option for the challenge!


Re: Which Whisky????

12 year Speyside single malt - Ben Bracken - £16.99 (L!dl but just don't mention that bit) good enough to drink with just a drop of fresh burn water, cheap enough to splosh into your hot chocolate after a wet day on the hill.

Re: Which Whisky????

Thank you all for your responses. I / We have decided that we should take a 'coffee' whisky, and a 'sippin' whisky.

Cheers all

Re: Which Whisky????

Best prices for whisky is usually in the supermarkets but not really any of these near the stations apart from the city centre metro stores. Oddbins in Mitchell St (less than 10 minutes walk from Queen St station, between Central and Queen St) has an excellent selection.

Re: Which Whisky????

Hmmm. I'm afraid my favourite tipple is Earl Grey, blended by Taylors of Harrogate. You don't have to drink to enjoy the Challenge and Braemar has good teashops - you don't have to go to the Fife.
(In all seriousness, after reading about all the drinking stories I was unnecessarily nervous when I was a first-timer that I might not fit in. In reality it's just not an issue.)

Re: Which Whisky????


No need to explain, this thread could have as easily been called 'what's your tipple'. I too love a cuppa, as I'm sure many others in this thread do. Whisky or Tea, it's up to thee. Brilliant if I say so myself.

To others, there is a great little Whisky shop just down the main road from Fort William station. A very helpful chap inside, I just can't remember the name of the lovely stuff he sorted me out with. Hence this thread. I am sure there are Tea shops too. :-)

Re: Which Whisky????

The only really good cup of coffee I have ever drunk on a Challenge was brewed up by Hump3. If you can track him down and hang around looking really miserable he may take pity on you; but don't tell him I said so!

Re: Which Whisky????

For a Whiskey, I would take a Bushmill, But for a Whisky, then it has to be a Lagavullin, it'll put a fire in your belly and fog your vision in no time, But the best bit is that it can be used as a general anesthetic at the end of the day when the body is aching from hours of toil, it works from the feet up.
It does tend to cause you to get your wucking mords fuddled up when the anesthetic hits the head!