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Re: Printing your own maps

Hi Stuart,

I also use a Satmap Active 10 gps (1:50k map of UK North) and have a Geko 201 non-mapping back-up. Both preloaded with routes and FWA's.(I'll be carrying a lot of batteries )
I've printed A4's using Anquet software. 2 or 3 printouts for every day.
For example day 1 : print 1 - Inverie-Ladhar Bheinn-Luinne Bheinn and print 2 - Ladhar Bheinn-Luinne Bheinn-camp at River Carnach. Both including the FWA to Sourlies. On the reverse side of print 1 and 2 I've printed the parts of day 2 so I don't need to open the Ortlieb waterproof mapcase during the day.

Re: Printing your own maps

An interesting thread, with safety at the core. This year, for the first time, I'll be carrying A4 printouts from Anquet at true scale, with a 5% overlap. I'm using waterproof paper, and will make a 600gm weight saving over conventional mapping. I'm also carrying a Samsung Galaxy III with the majority of Scotland loaded as 1:50K and 1:25K. This mapping lives on the device, so no need for an internet connection. I'll be carrying a couple of spare batteries - some 50gm in total.

To me the key consideration is - if it all goes wobbly, can you access mapping outwith your location? Ten years ago I'd've said that yes, you must carry 1:50K hard-copy mapping to cover all eventualities. Now I'm not so sure.

I can fully understand concerns re electronic devices. And of course holding a full set of paper maps may be the best option. But times change, and we may wish to explore other choices.

I don't think I'm going to get irretrievably lost this year. But I will be comparing both locational options - hard-copy map vs downloaded versions. I do like the ability to get an instant GPS fix displayed on a 1:50 or 1:25 map. And the GPS fix is not dependant on an internet connection.

I also like the fact that I can configure my device as a full-on GPS, as I posted in an earlier thread. We're seeing a converance of navigational aids, and that's all to the good.

I guess it comes down to should I trust in my conventional hard-copy mapping - or should I go for a hybrid of route print-outs (which in the main carry substantial information outwith the route and give me full OS co-ordinates) and full-on mapping held on my device? It's a hard call.

Re: Printing your own maps

I've been printing my own maps, for the past 5 years, double sided on A3 using normal paper and waterproof pigment ink printed at 1:50,000. I feel this gives me a large enough area to cover FWA, FFWA and totally FFWA, for those who are wondering the F in-front of FWA ends in ing. As I carry the maps in a map case I don't think waterproof paper is needed with waterproof ink. I also have an iPhone with Anquet maps on it, which I hardly ever switch on. I occasionally have carried a couple of A4 sheets printed at 1:25,000 for areas where I think route finding could be difficult. As long as you give yourself a large enough area on both sides of your route and print at a reasonable scale printing your own maps is as good as carrying original OS maps.

Ian C.

Re: Printing your own maps

I print to PDF from Grough Route, then take those PDF's to a local print shop which laser prints them double sided on my waterproof Hi-Rag paper. Works a treat.

My concern with inkjet printing at home is that when I tried this some time ago now, the ink was subject to running when wet. May not be the same for your printer, suggest you test this.

Re: Printing your own maps

Thanks to all for your thoughts and advice.

I have have just run my test map under the tap and success- no problems

I think given my route is not challenging navigation wise with only 1 small FWA (it's all well trodden paths, tracks and roads) I'll stick with the printed ones and my GPS as backup. I am going out next weekend to try some new gear and ill do some compass work with the printed maps and take it from there.

Cheers again folks. ;)


Re: Printing your own maps

I take both Anquet print-outs, blown up to 125% scale for easy reading, and OS sheets, 2 at a time, the others cached and swapped over at my pick-up points and the finished ones being posted home in a (cached) pre-stamped and addressed plastic envelope.

Best map cases going cost £1 for 15 (zip-seal freezer bags) in Poundland. You can fold them up into a pocket and they are reusable for a while.

Re: Printing your own maps

Hi Stuart,

I always print off 1:50K maps of my days walks (and FWA) double sided on waterproof paper. I find that a lot easier to carry and slip into my jacket pocket. Its all to scale so using the compass is not an issue. If I need to go FWA of FWA - which has happened for the past two years - I have GPS mapping on more than one device. I never said I travel light

Re: Printing your own maps

A couple of other thoughts.
For areas where I might need fine navigation I print off at 1:25000 to avoid the need to wear my specs if it's raining (I know that's rare!).
Consider Harvey's maps at 1:40000. They're designed for hill-walking so have a better spread, avoiding awkward joins. Their Cairngorm sheet goes from Glen Feshie to beyond Lochnagar, while their Knoydart, Kintail and Affric sheet is good for at least three days TGO walking. They're waterproof too.
Myself, I've a set of 1:50000 printouts, a couple of 1:25000 sections, a Harveys Cairngorm sheet (in a supply box) and my GPS with map display in case of a major reroute (otherwise it's switched off in my pack).
My companion has a comparable combination.