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Werewolves of The Upper Dulnain welcome Challengers!

Recently there’s been a certain amount of disquiet on the forum concerning the Werewolves of the Upper Dulnain, particularly from first-time Challengers. Our Venerable Vetters have, quite rightly, addressed these issues and given sound advice for those whose routes may pass through this region.

This year Full Moon falls on May 25, by which time the Challenge will be complete. I would imagine that folk taking in this region would pass through around the 15/16 May. There is no risk whatsoever during this period. The transformation window only extends for some 48 hours on either side of Full Moon, and Challengers can proceed with confidence. Indeed the way the calendar falls this year we have a wonderful opportunity to engage, enjoy and empathise with this remarkable First Nation Indigenous group!

It’s a small and loving community. They are nocturnal by nature, and if pitching around NH 737 100 you should have a good chance of a sighting around dusk. Their main den is on the north bank of the Upper Dulnain, immediately before the glen narrows – NH 738 101, up to your left if you’re moving ENE. ¬ It’s a wonderful position, and my understanding is that they’ve occupied this site for generations – certainly since the early 19th century. The den opens SE to pick up the early-morning sun. You’ll have no problems with communication – all have Scots as their second language – but of course learning a few simple barks and howls would go down well.

The younger ones tend to congregate further SSW around NH 714 088. If you’re lucky enough to come across them there’ll be a certain amount of licking and tail-wagging at your expense − teenagers are the same the world over! It’s simply natural energy and high spirits, and they mean no harm whatsoever. There’s a long-standing tradition of respect for Challengers, going back to that remarkable first encounter in ‘84.

Frankly, I’ve always found the whole clan delightful. Maurice, the patriarch, has a terrific store of Highland tales, and is also a fine piper. I’ve known his daughter for many years – indeed this is how I first came to engage with the community. A chance meeting during my second Challenge in 2003 developed into a lasting friendship and a deep respect.

May 2014 – for those amongst us who plan ahead – will alas be problematic. Full Moon falls on Tuesday 14 May. Challengers heading for Kincraig may wish to consider a simple diversion north-east to avoid any unfortunate misunderstandings. As ever, your Vetters will advise nearer the time.

The Family don’t stray far from their den. All things considered they prefer deer to Challengers!

Re: Werewolves of The Upper Dulnain welcome Challengers!

Thanks for that, Humphrey, and yes we welcome all Challengers this year. As in the past, we're happy to accept food parcels, and will bury them in the usual spot. Right now I'm down in London - well, Barking to be precise - with my grandson Rufus (he's nine now, and is the spit of his father!). Yesterday we went over to The Isle of Dogs to watch Milfield play a 0-0 draw against Ipswich at The Den. Shane Lowry hit the post, alas. We're going up for the Birmingham match on Saturday - hope to catch up with Andy Howling! Good to see there's life in the old dog yet!

Re: Werewolves of The Upper Dulnain welcome Challengers!

Thank you for the information that the Werewolves of Scotland are benign and only fun loving creatures.
Following your most welcome news I have now managed to reduce my calculated carry weight as I have decided to discard my automatic assault rifle with 200 rounds of silver bullets.
However I think I will keep my silver bladed sword, cunningly camouflaged as a mere walking pole, I will also keep the silver edged knife as I may need it to chop the garlic as you never know when you bump into the odd vampire.
Can I assume that tales of Yeti's and Morlocks inhabiting the more distant glens will only be figments of the Scottish Tourist Boards imagination!
Am now looking forward to a carefree swim across Loch Ness.

Re: Werewolves of The Upper Dulnain welcome Challengers!

Well, you might claim that they're harmless, but according to NE News, there was a hairy handed gent who ran amok in Kent and a Little Old Lady Got Mutilated Late Last Night ahooooo werewolves of Dulnain . Ahooooo....!

Strange craving for beef chow mein....