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Ladies wide fitting boots.

Mrs S is having trouble finding a new pair of boots that are wide enough.

Any suggestions from the ladies....or gents who have an interest in ladies feet.........

Thanks for any suggestions.

Re: Ladies wide fitting boots.

Well I have the opposite problem where I have to look for narrow boots, so I go for Salomons, Asolo or La Sportiva, so definitely not those. I can't wear Miendl, Scarpa or Raichle so they might be worth a try or I believe Altberg based in Richmond, N Yorkshire do a wide range of fittings and do made to measure too (www.altberg.co.uk). Good Luck!

Re: Ladies wide fitting boots.

If this Mrs S. is whom i think it is then a pair of Merrell Siren Breeze would fit the "bill".I remember those shapely ankles as if yesterday.

Re: Ladies wide fitting boots.

I also have a wide forefoot and recommend anything made by Keen. My favourites are Targhee mids.

Re: Ladies wide fitting boots.

I'm with you Emma! Keen is the way to go....

I've tried Scarpa (lost all my toenails), Meindl (nearly lost both little toes), Salomon (a great big hole in both heels) so now I'm using Keen Glarus which is a leather boot. I also have Targhee mids, some trainers, and sandals! I find they fit perfectly on the heel and give my wide toes plenty of room. Some of the latest models have no heel breast so I have avoided those for hill walking.

Re: Ladies wide fitting boots.

Meindl do a wide fitting but not every stockist holds them. If you can find a pair Meindl Wales they have leather interiors and I find they don't rub as much as fabric liners. Allt Berg do a made to measure service but it's too late now to get a pair made for this year's Challenge and you have to be measured at the factory in Richmond and return for a fitting. I recently bought a pair of Merrell boots from Gaynor's in Ambleside and they seem quite wide, so you could also try a men's fitting.

Re: Ladies wide fitting boots.

I have tried lots of different boots and trail shoes, and think I have finally got something wide enough for me in Altberg. I have been truly impressed by the service at Whalley Warm and Dry. The fitting they gave me was very detailed, and I have had the boots adjusted twice to my feet, once on the day I got them and again earlier this week. They did not charge for the latest adjustment - it is part of the service. OK the boots were expensive, but if I can avoid the massive foot troubles I have had on every previous long walk I have done it will be money well spent. So far I have not done more that two consecutive days with full pack, but the signs are good...

Re: Ladies wide fitting boots.

I found Zamberlan Lady Lite had the widest toe box and comfy with orthotic foot bed as well. They've taken me across Scotland a few times. Good luck

Re: Ladies wide fitting boots.

Very many thanks to the suggestions....plenty of ideas to follow up.

Hi Stormin.....is Mrs Stormin aware you been looking at Nics ankles..??
When you passing thro Braemar?


Re: Ladies wide fitting boots.

Hi Vic,
Be in Braemar Saturday,leaving Sunday afternoon for Callater Lodge.
Remember our overnight camped by the ruins? You must visit and see it, now
a cottage and a bothy occupy the site.

Re: Ladies wide fitting boots.

Hi Norman......we should arrive lunchtime Sunday.......Meet for a beer?
We are in the town till pm Monday.