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Re: First Aid Kit

Here's mine

click here

Re: First Aid Kit

You're very funny Billymaca :D

Re: First Aid Kit

What's in mine? Clearly more than Gordon's if weight is anything to go by. I carry:

Scissors, tweezers and tick remover
One crepe kneee bandage (which I have had to use on a few occasions)
One latex glove (other people's blood)
Range of plasters
Compeed, various
One small bandage
3 or 4 safety pins
Sterile wipes (4)
One small wound dressing
Small roll of surgical tape
Paracetamol, co-codamol and Ibuprofen (about 4 of each)
Imodium (6)
Hay fever tablets (4)
Small tube Savlon
Anti-chafing gel (I have been known to need to rest and apply before getting to that lovely little village called Chaffing-by-the-Groyne)
Sudocreme (applied when anti-chafing gel fails to work
Tube Gehwol foot cream
All in a lightweight first aid dry bag.

Hope that isn't too much detail. Actually the First Aid kit is rarely opened but when it is...

Finally, if you haven't seen it there is a great free app from the Red Cross for your phone which gives a very logical step-by-step guide to what to do in a range of emergencies when first aid is required. Details were in TGO this month or last month I think. And it weighs zero grammes.

Re: First Aid Kit

Good tip about the Red Cross app

Re: First Aid Kit

I've just returned from a couple of days on Kinder carrying my *olllocks first aid kit (mentioned in my Blog): which prompted Alan to post the kit that he carrys on his Blog.

I don't carry much - on the surface - of what I put as a throw away comment on my Blog (Kit List).

But, I've been giving it more thought: I don't carry many pills and potions - I've never used a lot of the stuff. I DO carry enough to cope with a bad gash to an arm, leg or hand. Beside what I put: I carry wads of kitchen roll, a toolcard with tweezers, pin and scissors. And, Melolin pads - and anti-septic wipes. All in a plastic bag. There's cord and the plaster is a cut and use one which can wrap round a leg or arm. Tick removal bits too. I can use spare clothing as as pressure pads without the need to cut them up. And it is all close to hand.

Oh, I've badly gashed my hand in the past. I've also bruised and gashed my shin, both times with lots of blood. I dealt with these with what I carried.

And, it is a calculated risk.

Others may not agree, with what I use but that doesn't necessitate some of the implied he's-looney-tunes views that some have chosen to express.

Rant over.

Re: First Aid Kit

In addition to our - ahem - bodies I guess we all carry first-aid for our equipment (NO! Wash yr mouth out with soap Sloman! Right now!)

I carry duck-tape,dyneema,needles and thread, a small tube of SuperGlue and a very wonderful American multi-tool whose name escapes me and I can't be a*rsed to go and find it. I take spare phone batteries rather than chargers - and yes, if you carry a phone make sure that you've got one with with interchangeable batteries.

To my mind the absolute Mack Truck of mobiles is the Sony Ericsson K800i - almost eight years old, available on eBay for around £25 and rock solid. I have three. Out on the hill this is all the phone you'll ever need. Monster battery life - think ten days. Yum Yum!

Completely off-topic, but a couple of weeks ago I got the Anquet Android App (sounds a tad like Tocks's Trffic Trekking Tipz). What a sweetie. All the routes created on my PC now show up on the phone(Samsung Galaxy SIII) and tablet (Google Nexus 7). All mapping is stored on the device - so no need to have a Wi-Fi or data connection. GPS locator works perfectly - again no need for any external connection, so no cost whatsoever.

Like most of us I use a GPS for those times when I'm deeply puzzled - aka standing outside The Fife. But transferring the GPS reading to map was always a faff. Particularly in France, where they have a deeply strange tho' I'm sure entirely logical (if you are Jean-Paul Sartre) construct.

Map and compass will always be my main navigation system - but it's cute to now be able to to get a direct locational fix on a real map. For no money whatsoever.

I guess that there are also apps for Mac systems.

Peace and lurve, brothers and sisters.