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Inside bit for Trailstar.

Wimpy girl needs insidey bit for her Trailstar.
I was on the standby list so didnt do any preparation, no route no tent no nothing. Last month got the news that I now have a place on the challenge :). Chief Happiness Officer (his words not mine) Ron Bell at MLD has been amazing and hopefully I have an outsidey tent thing. My plan was to get an insidey bit from Oookworks but as yet had no reply from him, I know the guy who makes the insidey bit has had problems and I really do sympathize with him. But I dont want to have a wet **** or get eaten alive by midges for two weeks. Anyone out there got any suggestions. (keep them cleanish).
Wimpy Lindsay J.

Re: Inside bit for Trailstar.

Keep plugging away. Sean will answer, but he has got a backlog of work.
Also his email is a bit intermittent, and so is his mobile signal.
Turn around time for an Oookstar, was about 8 to 10 weeks, so you would need to get it ordered pretty soon.
I will email you some info.

Re: Inside bit for Trailstar.

I always thought an inner for the Trialstar defeated its merits and flexible pitching options. I never used an inner on the 2011 TGOC with a Trailstar. Bivy bag if I was worried about bugs. But they were not an issue.

Re: Inside bit for Trailstar.

But you're hard and from Norfolk.
We lesser softie peeps need the inner sanctum that is the Oookstar.

Re: Inside bit for Trailstar.

Yeh us softies need inner sanctums.

Re: Inside bit for Trailstar.

Lindsay, also had problems , so tried Bear paw in US. Ordered inner on 14th Nov and John emailed Saturday to say he was shipping that day USPS ! Will let you know what its like. Bearpawwd.com

Re: Inside bit for Trailstar.

Thanks John Will check it out. But may be running out of time if you ordered yours in Nov and its only just arriving.

Re: Inside bit for Trailstar.

Lindsay, what a numpty I am! I meant 7th feb, 2 weeks ago! I was texting a date on phone at time about nov, sorry .not good at multi devicing! Price was £95

Re: Inside bit for Trailstar.

I have an Oookstar on order, but I ordered it ages ago. Due pretty soon now I think. Unless you can convince Sean to push you up the list I doubt you will get one in time, but you never know until you ask!

My backup plan is a bearpawwd Pyranet1 from Bearpawwd in the US.

Just FYI, there are options available for the Pyranet including the 'TrailStar mod' They also will install the inverted T zip like Oookworks and 10" cuben sides for a bit of extra wind protection if you like.

I have selected the following options for my backup in case I need to order it:

Trailstar mod
Std length
Inverted T zip.
3x10" Cuben sides
Cuben Floor 1.25

Email them, John is prompt with his answers and helpful.


Re: Inside bit for Trailstar.

My oookstar will have been ordered 12 weeks on the 26th feb,no sign or word yet.

Re: Inside bit for Trailstar.

Hi Folks.
Anyone who's waiting on a nest for the TGO will get them in time.
I'm sorry I'm flaky with my communications at the moment.
Barry - I can't find a record of your payment? Could you confirm, please.
I can't compete with John's lead times, even when things are ok. He has a lot of people working for him.

It would really help if you TGOers could just drop me a quick line so I can ensure there are no disappointments.

Many Thanks,


Re: Inside bit for Trailstar.

Thank you to those of you who posted tips and suggestions for the inside bit to my Trailstar. I wasnt panicking much. I have it sorted now thanks to Sean from Oookworks what a diamond you are sir.

Re: Inside bit for Trailstar.

I was hoping to get an oooktub for a trailstar but have bought a Duomid with a bearpaw inner. I might however take a sheet of polycryo instead though. I'm in the fortunate position I can borrow a trailstar too so I'm really spoilt for choice!

Any particular type of window film anyone can recommend or does it not matter??

Cheers in advance!

Re: Inside bit for Trailstar.



Re: Inside bit for Trailstar.

Gordon Green



Many thanks, £6.49 will do nicely!