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garbh choire !!

hi all,whats the situation with glen doe at the moment!! i'm also looking at something else!any of you great leg-ends ever followed the river tarff into garbh choire!!! NH431020, is there any way out of it!!! it looks interesting,, Ho!and that bloody dog has ran off with my route sheet again!!

Re: garbh choire !!

Aye, no probs Tel. Stormin knows the details. Get that route in pronto.

Re: garbh choire !!

Terry,Glen Tarff was do-able about 15 years ago. I went via Culachy House,they don't like walkers! So go via Calachy Farm and keep to the track nearer the river.It is a broad track with iron railings in parts built for pony and cart probably.You will encounter a lot of fallen timber and landslips,always divert uphill to avoid these.It took me 5 hours to the bothy at NH440027 from Fort Aggi,i camped at NH489021 after Carn nan Caorach-Carn na Cloiche-Meall Caca, it was a dry year.

best of luck,Stormin'

p.s.When you get to the footbridge at NH315019 which crosses the allt lagan a' bhainne, cross the Tarff to the north side about 500 metres on, to pick up a stalkers path to the bothy.

Re: garbh choire !!

Bit of mis-information on my previous post,(ramblings of a silly old f***)
The GR should have read:-NH409014.(NOT NH315019.) Just after an old sheep fank over the Allt Coire Na Ceire.

Re: garbh choire !!

Norman, probs. with transferring pics. on here so I have
e.mailed you as well. Cheers.

Re: garbh choire !!

Hello Sweetpants

I went that way before they built the dam. It's a doddle. Make sure you get on the north side of the Tarff before it gets into the gorge before the bothy, as it's a bit tricky there... (almost came a cropper crossing it in the gorge.)

There's a smashing little switchback path above the RH fork in the river at the secret bothy that helps you up the Tarff through the cliffs.

Then there's the dam, of course. That wasn't there when I went that way. Very inconsiderate of them, all things considered. I mean: Did they ask Uncle Roger if it was okay to stick a s*dding great dam in the way of a good route? There'll also be a huge pile of water there now too.

Re: garbh choire !!


see also a previous thread

If the weather is good Glen Tarff is a gem.
Climbing out of Glen Tarff at NH 445 027 was relatively easy in 2009.
The area around the new reservoir has been completely turned upside down, so it may be hard going through the peat on the south side of the reservoir. When I crossed in 2009 it was dry.

Good luck,

Bart Horeman

Re: garbh choire !!

A warning to Grough Route fans and anyone else relying on maps dated up to and including 2010. Now I have my new copyright 2012 paper maps I see there are a fair few new tracks around the new resevoir area, including one that goes right across from the resevoir east to Chalybeate Spring at NH559 032. The little pop-up maps on geograph do have the new tracks on.

Re: garbh choire !!

Oh yea. The track over to the Chalybeate Spring is almost some class of a motorway now - and once you hit the junction to turn North you're pretty much onto a metalled road. Do we care? Well, yes in one way because it takes away from the glorious wildness - but on the other hand you're walking on a clear track with no navigational probs and are free to enjoy the magnificent scenery to left and right. It's a very hard call.

Frankly I welcome any initiatives that grant greater entry into wild country - and there are those amongst the congregation who may either themselves or have friends who have previously had difficulties gaining access. Not all of us are able-bodied, and at the risk of being perceived as patronising I myself welcome all souls who wish to take part in their great adventures.

The Challenge is a very wonderful and open tent - these new access roads may give aid to some of our brothers and sisters.

Re: garbh choire !!

I went along the track as far as the Chalybeate Spring this year. It seems unnecessarily wide and intrusive to me. I called it a dagger in the heart of the Mona*s. But from a Challenge point of view it could be a good thing. I think, over the years, this could replace the use of the Correyairack, because it gets you a long way East very quickly and drops you off somewhere wonderful. There are a lot of good campsites beside the Caochan Uchdach (NH570027).

Re: garbh choire !!

hi all,the garbh choire! cant wate to have a look at it, This dam dam were abouts is it? does this meen that my 1990!! maps are out of date now!!!and how fare does the chaly spring moterway go!,, thanks chaps great feedback

Re: garbh choire !!

Terry.I was there last autumn ,track then up to Chalybeate, must be further
on by now.I had trouble with haulage traffic though. Very ,very
boggy due to surface alteration work. I was told it will be
reinstated when dam "all" completed. Not **** all. Cheers.

I've got some pics. somewhere I'll try and find them.
And yes your maps are outdated.

Re: garbh choire !!

I have used the site "where's the path" to manually update my existing paper map.

Much cheaper than buying a new one or am I just being a bit tight.

Don't say yes all at once.

Re: garbh choire !!

hi sandy i like that site, great!

Re: garbh choire !!

when you get to the dam Terry go left or right round the/res knowing what you like Terry you will go wrong as always and get miss placed love & kiss