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Strategies for Betting on Over/Under in Soccer: Unwritten Rules Bookies Don’t Want You to Know

Betting on over/under in soccer involves numerous strategies and, in essence, it presents a 50/50 probability, with two outcomes to choose from. However, to maximize your chances of winning when betting on over/under, it's crucial to follow some key principles.
What is Football Betting?
Football betting is a popular recreational activity where enthusiasts place bets on football matches through both online and offline platforms. In this activity, players wager money with reputable bookmakers on the outcome of a football match that is either currently in progress or scheduled to take place within a specified timeframe.
As soon as the referee's final whistle blows, signaling the end of the match, your betting odds are automatically recorded by the system. If your odds match the actual score of the game, you win the bet. The bookmaker then awards you the predetermined amount of prize money based on your initial wager.
When the referee's whistle blows to signal the end of the match, the betting system automatically records the odds of your bet. If your bet matches the final score of the match, you win. The bookmaker will then award you the pre-determined prize money.
Football betting is a popular form of entertainment where individuals place wagers on football matches, which can be done both online and offline. This activity involves betting money on reputable bookmakers during a football match.
When to Use the Over Betting Strategy?
Over betting, or "hammering the over," is a classic approach, often employed at the beginning of the season or during a team’s winning streak. It is particularly effective when a team has a high-performing forward consistently scoring goals. When a team is in top form, the likelihood of them scoring is high, making it a solid basis for placing your bet on the over.
For instance, in the 2023/24 season, Bayer Leverkusen scored 50 goals in 52 matches. Betting on the over in matches involving Bayer Leverkusen would have been profitable. Another example is Harry Kane, who scored 44 goals in 45 matches for Bayern Munich in the same season. Betting on the over in games featuring Bayern Munich seemed a sound strategy. However, it's essential to note player-specific tendencies; for instance, Kane underperformed in high-stakes matches, scoring only once in two semifinals against Real Madrid, and that too from a penalty. Thus, avoiding over bets in such scenarios is prudent.
According to Betfair experts, four key factors indicate when it’s wise to hammer the over for a team:
Defensive Weakness: Matches involving teams with poor defenses and players prone to lapses in concentration.
Skill Disparity: When there’s a significant skill gap between the two teams, such as when the top team faces the bottom team, the over is likely to hit.
Star Attackers: Matches featuring top attacking stars who are in great form, as their presence increases the likelihood of a high-scoring game.
Decisive Matches: Matches that are crucial for a team’s championship chances. If the initial 15-20 minutes indicate a defensive strategy, it might be wise to avoid the over.
When to Use the Under Betting Strategy?
Contrary to the over, experts often believe that under betting tends to have a higher success rate. Various studies show that the probability of a match ending under is about 53%, compared to 47% for the over before kick-off.
Underdog teams often exhibit higher tendencies towards under outcomes. At the start of the season, betting the under on newly promoted teams or those known for defensive counter-attacking strategies in major leagues is advisable. For example, teams like Serbia, Denmark, or Slovenia in the upcoming EURO 2024 are likely to adopt a defensive stance against powerhouses like England or France.
Another recommendation for bettors is to focus on under bets in major tournaments like EURO or the World Cup. The high stakes and limited team preparation time typically result in cautious play and fewer goals. National teams don't have the same level of cohesion as club teams that play together bookmaker toolbetting regularly, leading to less fluid attacking play.
The under betting strategy follows several rules:
Lack of Motivation: Matches where both teams have little to no chance of competing for top positions or have lost motivation tend to have fewer goals.
Defensive Tactics: Games between teams known for their solid defensive play and disciplined organization usually result in fewer goals.
Experimental Matches: Friendly matches often see teams focusing on strategy and player movements rather than scoring, making under bets favorable.
Balanced Teams: Matches between evenly matched teams usually see a cautious approach, with a higher

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