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Coolest Reverse Ombre Hair Color Ideas

A Reverse Ombre hair is a hair coloring technique that features a lighter tone on top gradually transforming into a darker one toward the ends. With the endless combinations of hues you can choose from, it’s a marvelous and exciting way to kick things up a notch for your new hair color!

Because of its versatility, you can customize the shades according to your skin tone, so it’s key to consult with your hair colorist about which colors can complement your complexion. Another thing to be thankful for is that reverse ombres work well on all types of hair – straight, thin, wavy, or curly.

Hair artist Kay L. Townsend shows off how soft and transitional a reverse ombre is with her amazing hair creations using beautiful color palettes! These are the major reasons why it’s unique and on top of the must-have hairstyles since its conception.
Before your next hair appointment, check out these popular photos of reverse ombre this year!

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