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Jessica Alba Hairstyles

Jessica Alba hair is a gifted and talented young actress. She has already played a great number of roles, which rang from light comedy to gritty drama.
Her charming hairstyles always leave people a deep impression. She has the super ability to rein her hair. No matter the long wavy or straight hair or the mid-length one, she always wears it stunningly and enhances her flawless look.

Long flowing brown layers shape in angles beginning from Jessica Alba’s stunning line toward her face. The bangs begin with a short side part and then midsection, are heavy going under her eye that add mystery to the lustrous hairstyle.
Jessica Alba’s smooth layered hairstyle looks attractive and fashionable. This look is full of romantic appeal and coolness. This classic seductive hairstyle is the option of a lot of celebrities and people who desire to gain head-turns.

The long tapered sides are swung on her shoulders, which look like large wings. Layers and loose curls create much volume to this trendy and strangely sexy long hairstyle.
Jessica Alba styles her ombré long hair in sexy beach waves and a deep center part. The flowing layers and luscious waves dance on her shoulders. The ends are tapered and jagged to lighten the weight. Some smoothing spray helps to keep it luxury and supple.
This luscious layered long hairstyle with brilliant highlight and windblown tousles turns heads. The elegance and style come in with the beautifully curls softening her sides. The fine-tuned curls and waves are created into the lustrous locks using a hot iron.

The top section is darker black brown color and the medium length is lightened with warm blonde and platinum which give her lengthy hair a fun and feminine finish. The sexy and brilliant lipstick adds irresistible charm to the beautiful look.
Jessica Alba gathers her long smooth hair into a neat side low tight ponytail. A strand from the pony is pulled to wrap around the hair in order to hide the elastic. The smooth one-length hair brings finesse into the chic and sophisticated look. This simple hairstyle with the sheer healthy hair is enough to be an eye catcher.

Her long sleek hair is blow dried straight and neat, with a plain and causal side part. Her healthy hair flows down just like heavy silk and with the luscious and warm rich radiance. The tapering brings about the stunning angle from her chin to the hair ends.

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