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Changing Kaley Cuoco Short Hair Looks: From Pixies To Long Waves

Watching Kaley Cuoco Long Hair changing and growing out without those awkward hair phases, we’ve come to one reasonable conclusion: her hairstylists are magicians. Seriously, if not magic, what else helps her to skip the transitions between her ever-changing lengths and look absolutely flawless in the meantime?

Okay, jokes asides. We’ve actually revealed the secret of perfect hair looks spotted on The Big Bang Theory star. Here, we’re sharing with you the hottest looks the actress ever rocked and telling you how you can seamlessly switch between your hair experiments.
For all those wondering why did Kaley Cuoco cut her hair this short: she never knows what to expect from her creativity. As told by the actress herself, she can’t imagine her life without changing something in her look, especially regarding her hair. So here she is, daring, different, and absolutely gorgeous with her sharply layered pixie swept to one side.

The same year, a different haircut. Since the actress loves to experiment, she let her pixie do its own thing and become longer. When it grew out a little, she went for amazing hairstyles like swept-back and Pompadour looks. Her styling tricks are one of her secrets of keeping the perfect balance when she grows her hair.
Here, she accentuates the style with a distinctive texture, styling the top into a relaxed pompadour and keeping the sides sleek. Such a play of textures makes the cut look its best.

Another hack that makes Kaley Cuoco hair journey smooth is proper texturizing and layering. This pixie is one of the first short haircuts the actress went for, and to make it grow decently, her stylists shaped the ends with edgy layers.
In this way, the density of hair wouldn't become outweighed with the time, so the celeb could skip appointments and style her pixie in various ways.

And here’s how the actress deals with a super grown-out pixie! Instead of calling her stylist to whip the pixie into a regular shape, she went on growing her long mane.
By the way, Kaley Cuoco natural hair color also doesn’t stand still during her hair transformations, and here you can see its pastel pink hair look. To mask her grown out tresses, her stylists gave her a minimalist, sleek style which looked totally harmonic and well-balanced.

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