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Jake Gyllenhaal Haircut

Jake Gyllenhaal haircut and beard, like Ryan Gosling’s, have become immensely popular with modern men searching for that rugged, masculine look. Starting with his Prisoners haircut, Jake Gyllenhaal’s short and long hair offer a perfect balance between style and manly swagger.

For men wanting to emulate the Jake Gyllenhaal hairstyle or beard, we’ve put together pictures of his best haircuts and styles. Whether you decide to go for his buzz cut, crew cut, quiff, or slicked back hairstyle, Jake Gyllenhaal’s hair offers great inspiration for any man.

In Hollywood, it’s not uncommon for leading men to change their hair like they can’t decide what to have for dinner. Jake Gyllenhaal, however, is the exception.
Unlike his silver screen rivals, the California native has kept his locks fairly constant throughout his career. Sure, it’s been short and severe for his role as a bruiser boxer in Southpaw, and long-locked for a turn as the adopted son of a king in Prince of Persia. But for the most part, the classic Gyllenhaal cut revolves around a soft, mid-length cut swept back, perfectly designed for his oval face shape.

It’s a classic hairstyle, one that will work well in the office, but isn’t too boardroom stiff to stop it looking cool when cutting shapes on the dance-floor at the weekend.
To help you make like Jake on the hair front, we spoke to Stevie Warwicker, a top stylist and manager of Ruffians barbers in London to find out how.

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