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How to Get the Look of a Karen Haircut

A Karen haircut is an upside down bob cut, also referred to as an "A-Line" haircut. It's long on the top and short on the bottom. When viewed from the front, you'll notice a very sharp angle toward the center. When viewed from behind, you'll see the hair at the sides flowing smoothly down the back of your head.

There are many different looks that can be achieved with a Karen hairstyle. These include layers, or even some micro-minor adjustments to the haircut. You can work with a short layered hair cut with some waves thrown in or even some small, barely noticeable highlights added in for some added pop. Micro-minor highlights can be applied with a pair of fine tipped combs to really add some depth and shine to the hair. Some people even use a flat iron to give their hair that "Highlights" look.

If you have long hair, you can taper it with a Karen haircut. You can add in some micro-minor highlights by taking smaller sections of hair and breaking them apart or even cutting them off completely. You can throw in some ribbons or other creative bits and bobs to really round out the look of your gosselin. The most important thing when choosing a karen haircut is to remember that you can change the look up just by switching up the clippers and the pins. A gosselin is usually chosen based on a recent photo shoot, so take a look at pictures from major events like weddings, proms, and other venues to get ideas.

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