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EdbMails Exchange Server Migration, Migration Exchange to Office 365

Most companies want to migrate their mailbox to Office 365 because MS Office 365 has become more popular nowadays. And it is cost-efficient, no need for maintenance, no hardware issues. But Performing Exchange to Office 365 Migration is still not an easy task. It is easier only on the Proper Exchange server migration tool. Suppose you want to perform smooth migration without any data loss and security issues. EdbMails Exchange migration tool is the best solution as it can perform Exchange to Office 365 migration seamlessly.

Smooth and fast Migration from Exchange to Office 365
The EdbMails Exchange to Office 365 Migration tool is a user-friendly interface and makes the migration of on-premises Exchange server to Office 365 hassle-free. The software delivers many user-oriented features to users. The tool can effortlessly migrate multiple mailboxes without any file size restriction of source mailboxes.

Secure data migration
With EdbMails Exchange migration, 100% secure and safe migration, and no data is deleted by the application at any point. During migration, the application always maintains the original folder structure intact.

Supported Exchange Server version Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007.
EdbMails Exchange server migration allows for migrating from all latest Exchange server versions. EdbMails Office 365 migration is a powerful tool that can make the migration simpler, faster, and less stressful. No matter what Exchange server migration scenario you are considering. Perform mailbox migration to Office 365 in just a few steps.

DemoTrail version
All the benefits of using EdbMails Exchange migration are available entirely free of cost. Before you make a decision, you can try the EdbMails trial version. It will Export all the mailboxes and limit 30 items from each folder, maintaining the exact source folder hierarchy.

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Re: EdbMails Exchange Server Migration, Migration Exchange to Office 365

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Re: EdbMails Exchange Server Migration, Migration Exchange to Office 365

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