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Spending money....

Dear PA,
I have some concerns about what is about to happen to BHC. This is from the grape vine....
1. They want to first clean the lead paint and asbestos out of Fernald, Wallace, Keil and Pinch Hitters before they knock them down. If they clean that out, why knock them down? They are still well standing buildings. Turn them into office space!!
2. They layed off DA's, maintanence and laborers. Da's are working ALOT of manditory over time. We no longer have a mechanic,so they have to send the vehicles out & are paying more to get them fixed!! They say they are buying new vehicles....but they will still need to send them out to get fixed. Laborers....they are contracting out for labor to cut the grass. From what I heard, it will cost more than paying our laborers for a full year!!!
3. Several of the residents asked about going to baseball games, Six Flags, camps, etc. We used to these thing every year. Everyone had a great time. The pool staff said state doesn't have the money. If they can blow money like they are about to what the hell....who do the so called people in charge of MRDD really care about?!? The woman holding the BHC purse strings doesn't care about anyone but the STATE property.