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Extracts from this forum and other material have been brought together to provide a local history from the contributions of members.

Ashton-in-Makerfield Community Forum
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Town Hall Tablets

I have been trying to find out what is happening to the Town Hall and its contents. I was totally in the dark about WMBC's intent with regard to this once lovely old building, which has been left to literally fall apart over these past few years.

I understand progress and all of that, but we need buildings of historic value in the Town to give it some appeal, just look at what we have lost and the state of the Town Centre, just full of takeaways and drinking houses.

I note that Wigan recognise that need as they are spending millions on the renovation of their older buildings!!!

We need some of that cash spending on this negleted outpost of the borough.

I have seen the posting by Clarkey (I love your Makerfield Ramblers pictures by the way and have seen all the sites that you have posted for our area and now know that history behind them thanks to you!) I too am concerned about what will happen to the tablets. I used to work at Claire House in Platt Bridge and when the site was being built they found very, very old parts of buildings that had just been dumped there, I really hope that this doesnt happen to our Town Hall?

I cannt seem to get onto the new site, but would appreciate any info that anyone has. Can I ask why the sale of this hasnt been put to the residents and where are our local councillors???

Town: Ashton

Re: Town Hall Tablets

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for your comments on my "Makerfield Rambler" series. Keep visiting, as I have a series on the history of the Town Hall planned for sometime in 2016. In the meanwhile my understanding is that the auction is going ahead at the Manchester City FC ground this Thursday. With regard to the tablets I am still waiting to hear back from Cllr Jenny Bullen. It does seem very late in the day to be attempting to save them for the town, given the imminent sale. I personally raised concerns about the future of the tablets with Wigan MBC officers back in 2013.

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Town: Ashton