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This message board welcomes open and friendly debate on matters relevant to Ashton and its history, and the publicising of local events, activities and facilities. Please read the board rules before posting.

Extracts from this forum and other material have been brought together to provide a local history from the contributions of members.

Ashton-in-Makerfield Community Forum
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Songs of Praise from St Oswald's

While channel hopping on Sunday afternoon I stumbled on some local exposure on National TV.
While it is still on BBC iplayer (until just Sunday 12th?), the programme might be worth a viewing if you missed it. They featured some Wigan history, the history of the church, and a talented Ashton girl singer.
Probably filmed ages ago and edited with recent footage of the new Cardinal, it was amusing(?) to see the church crammed shoulder to shoulder with enthusiastic singers.
The DW Stadium was less impressively crammed!

Town: Pit Pony Parish

Re: Songs of Praise from St Oswald's

I saw that too John. Some of the footage -eg. of the Golborne Colliery Disaster Anniversary Parade- was indeed fairly new, but I believe the St Oswald's segments were filmed on the same occasion as those that were used in the 2013 Boxing Day edition of the programme. (I've never been involved personally, but I understand it's normal practice for two programmes' worth of footage to be shot at each location visited by the 'Songs of Praise' crew.)

Town: Ashton