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This message board welcomes open and friendly debate on matters relevant to Ashton and its history, and the publicising of local events, activities and facilities. Please read the board rules before posting.

Extracts from this forum and other material have been brought together to provide a local history from the contributions of members.

Ashton-in-Makerfield Community Forum
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Robert Kelly 16.11.1893 Ashton in Makerfield

Hi,im a football fan living in Portugal,im attempting to write a book on British football managers in Portugal.The second one was Bob Kelly.I know very little of his early life,he was supposed to work in a local coal mine initially,i would love to know which one and for how long.Also before signing for Burnley in 1913 he was thought to have played for local teams Ashton white star,Ashton central,Earlstown rovers and St helens town,a lot of this early football info is often incorrect.Does anyone have any info that will help me,Thanks,

Town: Algarve Portugal

Re: Robert Kelly 16.11.1893 Ashton in Makerfield

Looking through the link I came across the name (Jack)John Bramwell footballer from Ashton is anyone in touch with him or knows anyone that is, as we were at school at the same time and he married the girl that live next door to us.

The reason for asking my brother Ralph & Jack were good friends both on and off the field and they have lost touch with each other over the years,I know Jack and Ralph would love to have a chat with each other so if anyone can help

Town: Ashton