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This message board welcomes open and friendly debate on matters relevant to Ashton and its history, and the publicising of local events, activities and facilities. Please read the board rules before posting.

Extracts from this forum and other material have been brought together to provide a local history from the contributions of members.

Ashton-in-Makerfield Community Forum
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Help to trace someone...

Dear Sir/Madam,

Could you possibly help me to find out if a certain person is still living in Ashton or locally, or if anyone knows of their whereabouts ?

To explain, I and my family used to live at No 7, Old Road ( Opposite Ashton Library and next but one to "The Chippie" ) In the late 1950's and well into the 1960's, as I remember it - Now I say that because I now have no real memory, due to being knocked down by a car !!

I DO remember meeting and falling in love with Sheila Thomas, as she was then called. She had long naturally red hair and was stunningly beautiful !! At the time I was serving in the Royal Air Force and being away from home so much eventually forced us apart.

Now I am living in retirement on the Isle Of Wight and to allow me to enjoy that retirement with a clear mind, I would really like to be reassured that Sheila has had a happy and fruitful life and is still doing so to-day !!

If there is ANY way that you can help me to achieve those ends I would be most grateful.

My full name is David ( Prefer Dave ) Hitchen -- My Mother, Eva, used to work in the "Brian Buro" club.

If anyone can give me ANY information to help in my quest I would love to hear from them at any time

Thankyou very much indeed. If I can't ask fellow Ashtonians for help who can I ask ??

D. J. Hitchen