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Re: Re: gerard street parking

Nothing to do with select a carpet from your comments you could fool me !!, the next time other than a carpet fitter parks outside the shop , I can asure you I WILL have the guts to challenge the the owner. I would not like to be hung by the neck for what you consider a few minutes. however I Do agree there is a need for other pressing items in OUR town to be addressed the evidence is in the result of the recent local election Community Action won !!!!! and I totally support this group.

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Replying to:

I appreciate what you are saying but I think you are both being a little unfair. I assume that by taking the time to find and visit this site, you are both interested in our local community. Select a carpet is a small family run concern, within the heart of our community. The 'company' is merely trying to earn a living like the rest of us. At 4 o'clock, fitters are picking up carpets for the following day. Have either of you actually sat there for some time to see what they are doing? The road traffic act states that the driver is allowed to park on those yellow lines in order to load or unload his/her vehicle and must remove it as soon as is practicable. They are NOT breaking the law every day. If more people like you had this attitude there would be nothing left in Ashton and we'd all have to travel to Wigan in order to buy carpet and the likes. It's about time you two started worrying about more pressing matters and spending your time doing something about it. I will guarantee neither of you have spoke to the shop owner and more to the point you wouldn't have the guts. To be honest with you, I wish thats all I had to worry about! Come on, what harm is it doing? What about all the 40 ton lorries that drive through Ashton, the boy racers, vandals, drunks, litter louts, theives? get a grip.

P.S. I have nothing to do with Select a Carpet and have no bias when writing this comment.

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I read the forums concern on illigally parking in Gerard Street,and agree with thier the concern ,however , most of it is CASUAL PARKING ( albeit illegal ),the BIGGEST OFFENDER for illigal parking in the town is by the carpet fitters employed by the SELECT A CARPET OWNERS. they CONSISTANTLY illegally park for LONG PERIODS on Gerard Street blocking the main flow of traffic thru the Town to the Bolton Road . I am fully aware he needs to do business, But he does have access to his premises at the rear . His carpet fitters BREAK THE LAW EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK and restricts the flow of traffic every day in the week.I welcome comments ???


Re: Re: Re: gerard street parking

Well Frank.

Did you speak to the fitters?