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Re: Gerard Centre Extension

how about a decent record shop! more clothes shops such as H&M or Top Shop would be good too and someone could make a fortune on a skateboard orientated shop with the kids round here (maybe selling skatey and snowboard/ski orientated stuff- the closest shop like this is miles away)- this could be combined with computer games and music, maybe a cafe section..mmm I have a business plan coming together... if only I had the money!

My brother reckons more hi-fi/sound equipment shops.

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Replying to:

For those of you who have been living under a large boulder this month, there are some sheets of paper hanging from the front windows of Kwik Save. Inside, of course. On these sheets are some plans. Proposals, if you will, to expand the Gerard Centre.

The extensions and amendments? Well, a large unit will be attached to the eastern side of Kwik Save, and more units will be bolted on from Age Concern, going around the car park. The car park exit on Turnill Drive will be blocked off, and the current entrance on York Road widened to accomodate an exit too. An entry for HGVs will be opened on Princess Road.

What are your thoughts about the proposed extension to the Gerard Centre? What shops would you like to see there?

Personally myself, I'd like to see more high street chains you see in Wigan, in particular... Game


Ant, an Ashtonian


Re: Re: Gerard Centre Extension

im glad to here of what sounds a fairly major addition/extension if theres units going around the car park, it would be nice if all that private land off princess road was used more effiecently as its a waste, this is approved thought isnt it?


Re: Re: Re: Gerard Centre Extension

The plans are to build over the former contaminated gas works on the Princess Road/York Road junction.