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Re: Re: dentists

Dear David,

I have been to another dentist who offered me very good treatment under no pressure. She was very thorough and her opinion is that I need no further treatment on the tooth which has a route canal filling- so that has saved me about 250 (the price I was quoted for a white crown by my other dentist)... I would definitely recommend getting a second or even third opinion before committing to have major work done on a tooth and spending a lot of money...

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Hi Carolyn -

As you know, I did reply to you off list. However, I was wondering if you have found another dentist yet?


Re: dentists

Hi, Due to our dentist retiring, my family and I had to find an alternative dentist. To cut a long story short, my husband was quoted 280 for dentistry work. After trying another dentist just outside Ashton, the bill came to around 100!! It is worth getting a second opinion!

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This forum doesn't seem to be frequented too often but maybe someone out there can help me out.

Does anyone else out there feel that they can't trust their dentist? In the past 18 months I have undergone extensive root canal surgery costing me approx 250. On my most recent visit to my dentist I was told that I will need a further 125 minimum (NHS price) worth of work to finish the job. The work that needs to be done seems unending.

All of my family visit the same practice. Each time we visit the dentist there seems to be another problem, more work needs to be done and more cash paid out. We are also under more and more pressure to opt for the private treatment.

The practices' approach towards treating NHS patients seems to be deteriorating. I am virtually told that I will suffer less pain and get a better job done if I go private. The problem is I cannot afford private treatment.

In addition, some of the work seems unnecessary- My brother was told he needed root canal surgery 6 months ago when he was suffering toothache- he had a temporary filling at the time and has not been back since as he 1)can't afford to and 2)no longer suffers pain. It makes you wonder.

I, like many others, am unable to judge whether a certain dental procedure is preferable or more effective to another, or whether or not it is necessary at all. We trust our dentists to make the decision that is in our best interest, though I can't help thinking that some dentists encourage us into a decision that is less in our own interest and more in favor of that of the practice and subsequently their own pocket.

Don't you think it's about time that we as consumers could access information that would help us to make informed judgements about dental treatment?

If anyone has any further information or comments I would appreciate the feedback. Also, can anyone recommend a good, HONEST dentist?