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Homeowner's Insurance

OK, I'm hot under the collar but will contain myself.

We received notification that our current homeowner's policy will not be renewed due to the fact that the company is pulling out of Florida. Our insurance agent assured us they would find replacement coverage so shame on me for trusting their word.

Word now is that the replacement coverage is ONLY available if we no longer own our dog!

Does anyone know of any companies that are writing homeowner's insurance policies in Florida that will accept dog ownership? Our dogs are mixed breed rescues. This is absolutely crazy that because of a few bad pet owner's we all must suffer.

Re: Homeowner's Insurance

Wow, Susan, that's chilling! We are going to look into this and post here any info we find.

Re: Re: Homeowner's Insurance Update

I was able to obtain Homeowner's Insurance, however, an inspector will come to our home to "check out" our two dogs. There is a list of dogs that insurance companies will NOT insure, which I can understand both sides of the story but I do not understand why ALL dogs should be penalized for a bad pet owners.

I will post the list of dogs that are not insurable.

List of Breeds EXCLUDED from Homeowners Coverage

I won't mention the name of the insurance company but it is a large highly rated company. The exact wording is:

February 2006 Bulletin SUmmary & January Agency Experience/Claims Reports:

-Animals: Residences in which vicious, dangerous, exotic, farm, non-domestic or riding animals are owned by the insured or kept on the premises, including by not limited to Akitas, Chows, Presa Canarios, Dobermans, Pit Bulls (Staffordshire Terriers) Rottweilers, Wolf Hybrids, or any animal with a biting history are unacceptable and cannont be written under any Homeowners program.

Re: List of Breeds EXCLUDED from Homeowners Coverage

We are in the process of building a home and were told by our current insurance that they don't write builder's insurance policies and would most likely not ensure the home once it was built.

SO, we found another company to write the builder's insurance and will convert it when the house is complete. We have German Shepherds which made him question us, but they have their Canine Good Citizen title and are in a lifetime training program to keep them well socialized so he agreed to write it. I invited anyone they wanted to come out and meet them to see for themselves.

It's not the dogs ("dangerous breed" or not), but the neglectful owners who are causing pains to those of us who are responsible pet owners.