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Mexico Beach

My boyfriend and I are currently traveling through Florida with our Weimaraner puppy Gracie, as we are looking for a puppy friendly beach we have been browsing through your pet friendly vacation spots and noticed that Mexico Beach was listed as pet friendly... HOWEVER... when we stopped in there a couple days ago and were inquiring about lodging and the beaches we were told more than one time that pets were not allowed on the beach and further that doing so would carry a $100+ fine. We never actually tested the theory, so I don't know this for certain... but we just thought this imformation might be useful to other readers. Thanks.

Re: Mexico Beach

Thanks for the heads up. We'll post your comment on Panama City.

Re: Mexico Beach

Mexico Beach does not allow dogs on their beach! It may be that you saw some pet friendly rentals advertised! The next county over is Gulf County and the Cape San Blas, FL beaches are pet friendly! If you are traveling through again, check out Cape San Blas (just East of Mexico Beach!) and your dogs are allowed to enjoy the beach WITH you! Dogs are not just allowed, but they are WELCOME!

Wendy Jackson