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An additional note & clarification...PLEASE READ

From Web Mistress:

The Client Information Sheets mentioned above are received by veterinarians from the drug companies that produce the drugs and/or the treatment modalities. (These sheets are similar to ones provided by pharmacies and/or doctor's offices when a new prescription is issued for a human.)

The Client Information Sheets vets receive contain any reported adverse reactions, or known risks from the results of their trials. While vets are given these sheets, it may often be felt by some vets that the clients themselves don't need or would not be interested in the "small print."

So this new legislation would require all vets to provide all their clients with these information sheets. This could be a matter of life and death. There are, for example, some drugs being used on dogs these days for arthritis, harsh drugs that have be known to be a cause of liver and kidney toxicity. Pet guardians may be giving their pets these medications, hoping to make them better, but actually shortening their lives.

Indeed, without educated consumers, risks from these drugs and treatment modalities aren't known until the damage is done. And then it's too late.

These Client Information Sheets won't be helpful unless the pet guardians read them and ask for clarification and make logical decisions, weighing the benefits with the associated risks. Being an active, engaged, assertive pet guardian is your pet's best chance at a happy, healthy, long life!

Re: Vets, clients, warnings about drugs, treatments

My favorite quote:

UN-known risks are UN-acceptable!

We have a right to know what our companions are being given.