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Re: Sledding

Hi Cindy, you are on the way to being "Hooked" to one of the MOST FUN things in the world. I agree with Barb in getting you another sled dog- start teaching them commands- Gee, Haw,Hike,etc. Then get a kids tobaggen and hook up to each one with some weight on it to learn them to pull it, then move to a wheeled type wagon to hook both up to and you will have worked your way upto a dog sled. If you need any reference book titles- drop me a line. I started out the same way and now have a team of 9 Siberian Huskies and love every minute from breeding my babes to working my babes.

Re: Re: Sledding - by English Kennels - Sep 23, 2003 9:51am
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