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Hello, I would like to make a Spanish translation of some of your programs, such as TGATOOL2, is it possible that I can contribute to this?

I look forward to your answer
Franco Paladini

Re: Locales

I'm afraid none of my programs are localised in any way.
Most were initially written over 15 years ago when such global features were uncommon and I never thought they would be needed with such niche utilities.

Far too late to try to add it now. Everything is hard-coded and it would require complete rewrites to properly localise

None of my programs have actually been updated for many many years as I have moved in to the commercial arena. I still continue to host them and to provide basic support but they are really "legacy" now and unlikely to be updated

Thank anyway


Re: Locales

Oh, sorry to read this, they are excellent programs and very famous, I would like to see a last update.
I sent you an e-mail subject Developer. For the MWgfx development package and other dll... please.

Also, consider opening the source code on github, times have changed. Maybe the community can get some more juice out of it, if you are not going to maintain it anymore, don't you think?