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Re: Multigrab will not start

Are you using Kaspersky AV? This does cause problerms with some of my programs

What is usually happening is that the predictive portion of the AV (the bit that looks at programs and tries to guess from what it is doing if it is a possible risk even if they don`t find any of the known virus identifiers) is a bit worried by something and blocking it to be on the safe side.
Have a look in your AV settings and see if there is an option to turn this down/off or to create exceptions

Re: Multigrab will not start

Thank you Martin.

I suspected it is the antivirus, and I actually have Avast. Will try to fix it as you said.

Thanks again.

If you come to Greece--I think you have come once-- we'll have a few beers. Plenty to drink now with the crisis, as people spend less on beer.

Best Regards