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I need help

One more time, congratulations to the team specially to the programer. Martin Wright, passion make us creating extraordinairy works ! I need help . I begin to manipulate FSX textures then last weekend the worst happened when i tried to create a livery for our virtual airline. All Fsx third-party aircrafts are transparent. I see that dds textures became bmp. Do you think if i convert bipmaps to .dds directly in aircraft texture folder that will be enough to recover all my textures ?


Re: I need help

FSX is slightly different to previous versions in that it will "guess" textures if the coded one is missing. eg if the model calls for xyz.bmp and it can`t find it it will look for and try that. Can get confusing
It also seems to handle the alpha channels slightly differently and use much higher transparency when FS9 models/textures are used in FSX

Try converting some to DDS (may need flipping if they appear upside down on the model) and try lightening the alpha channel if still coming up transparent