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Help ! Object Disapearing in the Railworks World Editor

Hi, Everyone
Can anyone shed some light on this problem ?
Created a Concrete Ceiling 40mx20mx.15m for a Station,created in 3ds max9,
named it 1_2000_concrete ,used the Kuju Material,added a concrete Texture, concrete.ace,used the TexDiff Kuju Shader,Exported out of max,rendered Ok !..In the Asset Editor in Railworks,created a scenery Blue Print,Compiled OK !Viewed the object in the Asset 3d Viewer,the Object is Displayed OK !,,However when you zoom out away from the Object it Disappears, and re appears when you zoom back to the Object ??//
It is Listed as a Asset in the World Editor,installing the Object into the game Scenery,,,But also Disappears when you zoom away from the Object ....???
Please can someone suggest a Solution....

Re: Help ! Object Disapearing in the Railworks World Editor

Not really my area (3d modelling or railworks).
I know that in FS you can set a visibilty range for an object and also you use multiple LODs within models to display at different viewing distances. Incorrect design or settings can produce similar results in Flightsim.
How many LODs have you created in your model?