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GSLMan Issue

Hello Martin,
I hope all is well with you.
I have recently ran into a issue with CFS2 and GSLMan.
The issue is with adding new objects to the cfs2.gsl file.
The issue is basically this, each time I add a new "Area" of objects to an "Empty" GSL file in MB and then add this "empty.gsl" file to the cfs2.gsl file using GSLMan.exe it seems to "Over rite" all previously installed gsl objects. Leaving me with only the most recently installed objects from my "Empty.gsl file being able to be viewed in game.
Now I have tried a number of things to correct this. I have tried to re-install all previous gsl objects using GSLMan. Didn't help.
I have followed Lindsay Watts GSL Tutorial. Good Stuff Lindsay, your tutorials has saved me more then once. But this time it’s not helping.
Not sure if this is the issue: In GSLMan on the about tab it shows that I am missing the MWGOB.DLL. Now I have downloaded and installed the required DLL package from the MW Graphics link. The mwgob.dll is not included. I have also requested the CFS2 GSL tools from you but you have not yet responded. I'm not sure if your not responding because i need to dontate or you don't support CFS2 related issues anymore or what? Any help with this issue and or my request for CFS2 GSL Tools would be very much Appreciated!
Again thank you for your time.

Re: GSLMan Issue

According to my "sent items" I mailed you the tools back on the 19th. Maybe it has got spam-filtered.
I have just forwarded it again.

Not sure if you are saying that adding your empty.gsl wipes all gsl in the world (which shouldn`t happen) or simply previous gsl data in the same gob area (which is how it works - a new gob will overwrite the old gob)

If you are using MB to add new objects to an area where there have already been added other objects you MUST load the other objects into MB as well. Simply seeing the scenery objects displayed by CFS2 is not the same as reloading the Layout data for the other objects. If you don`t have the other objects loaded then when you select all the objects to save you will only collect your new ones and any previous ones will be lost (because they are not actually there. What you are seeing is the fixed GSL objects and not the original layout objects).

The method is :-

- Export the current data for the area from the GSL as a layout file
- run MB and load this layout file (note that you will actually now have 2 of each object showing. The "permanent" GSL version and the overlaid "temporary" layout version. This can get confusing if you delete an object as it seems to be still there)
- add whatever new objects you want. Move or delete any of the previous objects (but remember the GSL versions of the objects will remain where they are until the GSL is rebuilt again)
- select all the objects and export a new layout file
- import this new layout into your GSL

Think of it this way. You should only have one layout file for an area and this should contain all the objects you want to display. If you want to add or edit use this single layout and add the new files to it so that it contains everything (old and new)