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Re: 6 hp wizard

Numbers indicate a 1966 model year Wizard. With that in mind, a little
history lesson. Kiekhaefer (Mercury) ended relationship with Western
Auto (Wizard) in mid 1950s. Western Auto then sourced its outboards
from Oliver (briefly) and McCulloch until early 1960s Sears (Elgin) had been getting its outboards from West Bend. McCullough became
Sears source for outboards, power mowers etc. West Bend then became
Wester Auto's supplier of outboards from 1964. Shortly thereafter
Chrysler bought West Bend. Chrysler sold outboards under Chrysler brand and supplied several retailers with private brand outboards.
When Chrysler got out of marine engine and outboard business, Mercury
acquired the outboard line and continued it as Force brand.

Getting back to your question, a 1966 Wizard is likely similar to if
not the same as a West Bend outboard of same type. Chrysler likely
made some changes over time. Private brand versions of outboards made
by major makers differed mainly in cosmetics. CO likely stands for
Chrysler Outboard.