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Wizard Super Power 25

Hi Gang,
I recently purchased a 1956 AristoCraft Typhoon 12 that has a Wizard Super Power 25 hanging on it. The Wizard is not running and I am sure I will need to source some parts. Just wondering what (if any) parts source you all have found for these engines that you might refer me to? In my case I believe I have a 1956 model engine. The serial number appears to read (and it’s hard to make out) 1013966. Right now I’d like to get my hands on a service manual, an an impellor or two, a spare carb, etc. Finding information on this engine is challenging to say the least. Any info or referral from anyone would be most gratefully appreciated.


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Re: Wizard Super Power 25

Wizard brand outboard made by Kiekhaefer Corporation (MERCURY). Usually private brand outboards were rebranded versions of a motor
made by major brand. In this case a motor made at the retailer's
request (per an article in Antique Outboarder) that later was upgraded
into Mercury line.
In any case your Powermatic 25 is closely related to Mercury Mark 30
so Mercury Models Prior to 1965 manual and Mercury parts should be
similar if not the same. Contact Joe Poole at Fergusson Poole in
Atlanta. A friend redid one of these and it looked great and ran
Good Luck