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WM7 Plate…not thought!

Just bought a 1955 WM7, but it doesn’t look like anything I have seen anywhere! Looking for some direction! Thanks!

Re: WM7 Plate…not thought!

Over the last 3/4 century, many hands may have had their war with your
outboard. It may well be your Wizard is not really as much Wizard as
the id tag would lead you to believe. Mercury parts may have been
used to pep it up or to serve in place of Wizard pats that were not
to be found. It is also possible a 12 year old boy took a Mercury
and Wizard apart and put them back together without paying too close
attention to what part came from which motor. Frankenmerk or Wizardstine take your pick.

A few photos would tell a story.

Re: WM7 Plate…not thought!

It’s definitely not a WM-7. Not sure how to post photos here, I have plenty. It’s has super hurricane on the block. KH-7? A quickie lower unit polished up nicely. A nice brass racing prop. Trying to use it on a homemade hydroplane. I would like to attach the photos here, but I will email you separately if it’s ok?