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WF-7 For Sale

We have a Wizard WF-7 that was donated to our Sea Scout Ship a while back here in Houston. It's not in the best of shape but then it does seem to be from the 1950's. We've kept it indoors since it was donated. Is there a place you might suggest to list it? The SN is 411762. If it has value we'd love to get something for it as we could use some money to put toward parts for our Sunfish fleet! I have pictures but didn't see that I could attach here. Any suggestions for a place to sell is appreciated (I didn't see a for sale section on this website. Thanks!

Re: WF-7 For Sale

Wizard WF7 dates from late 1940s early 1950s. Made for Western Auto by Kiekhaefer Corporation
and similar to their Mercury KE7 & KF7 models.
I would suggest you sell it as is, where is, pickup only for CASH!
Local online or free ad in shopper paper will probably work.
Value is uncertain, but, not likely all that great.
At a guess somewhere in $100 tp $150 range
Might be a little less, unlikely to be much more.
Just an opinion.

Re: WF-7 For Sale

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I've finally posted locally on Craigslist. I agree it's unlikely to have much monetary value, but hopeful to be able to find a home for the engine instead of the recycling center. If you hear of anyone that would be interested I'd consider going through the effort to ship, recognizing that may erase most if not all of the potential money we would have received. But really prefer for someone to be able to use it (most likely for parts). Thanks!