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1946 3.3 Wizzard with crack in water jacket

Have 3.3 Mercury WD3S 1947-48 and Wizard WD3 1946. Bought Wizard 2/12/1954 (when 9 years old) still running in 2010. Found it has a crack in the water jacket on the head. Can it be repaired? And may have clogged water passages. Best way to clean them out? Mercury is identical and complete but frozen. Located in SW Florida. Any help appreciated. Bill

Re: 1946 3.3 Wizzard with crack in water jacket

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Re: 1946 3.3 Wizzard with crack in water jacket

JB Weld or similar product might fix crack in water jacket. A replacement water jacket plus a check for blockage in cooling water circuit would be my preference.
The modular construction of the early K Model Mercurys and Wizards make repair a doable option
even if they have a serious corrosion or wear issue.
If you decide to work on them feel free to contact me.
Currently I have a prewar KB-1A and a post war KD3 torn down for rebuilding.
80% of time and effort is getting motor disassembled and parts cleaned.

Re: 1946 3.3 Wizzard with crack in water jacket

Since making original reply a need arose to replace a badly damaged
water jacket on a single arose. No water jacket for a single was available from my usual source. Adapting a more common upper water jacket from a twin was only option. Turns out to be pretty easy,
Interesting enough to turn into an article for Antique Outboarder.
The water jacket for single and upper water jacket for a twin are
the same EXCEPT for extension on single jacket to match up with
water tube. All that is required is a disk of right thickness to
file, fit and try. The disc was drilled and parted off from a short
bar of aluminum in junk box. That part best done with lathe, but,
could be done with drill and saw. The rest was file and fit.
Only upper water jacket wit work as it has the arms to mount tank.