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Wizard Super 5 - info and gas hose needed


i just picked up a Wizard Super 5 (ser: 843967 model: WH6). The guy I bought it from said it was in his Uncle's basement for 30+ years (stored properly and was dry). We recently picked up an aluminum rowboat (early 50's Alumicraft) and would love to get this motor running on it.

He gave me the gas tank, but couldn't find the hose (Fuel line/connectors).

Does anyone have any info on this little motor and where I could find a fuel line/connectors? It looks like a proprietary piece, is there an alternative I can use?

Located in the Finger Lakes (NY).

Here's some photos if that helps:


Re: Wizard Super 5 - info and gas hose needed

Your WH6 was made by Mercury in 1955 and should take Mercury fuel fittings. The WH6 is similar to the Mercury Mark 6 and probably has many parts in common, but not always.

Info on your motor (Top entry)

It takes 3/8 pint of oil per gallon which comes to 6oz. per gallon. With today's oil you could use 24:1 ratio with no problem.

Re: Wizard Super 5 - info and gas hose needed

Thanks for the Info Bryan!

I did pickup the fuel adapters, so I'm all set there.

My next step is to tackle the lower unit. It is still factory sealed, so the impeller is most likely rotted (being 65 years old).

I did pull the spark plugs and they actually look good (they are Champion J7J, no longer made). I read on another forum to use J8C. Any thoughts on this?

After I get the impeller replaced, I'm going to attempt to start it. Keep you posted.


Re: Wizard Super 5 - info and gas hose needed

Here's a cross reference list to the J7J . J8C is a Champion substitute plug for it.