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WG7 Lower Unit

I have two WG7 LU's I plan on using this summer. I have an AJ47 prop that fits perfectly on that 5/8 prop shaft and the shear pin hole lines up. I'm wondering if it took a rubber clutch as well? Does anyone have a diagram with part numbers. Joe Poole has some of the NOS stuff - just not sure what I'm looking for.

Re: WG7 Lower Unit

Steve, The WG7 is based on the Mercury KG7.
Here is a link to the KG7 exploded lower unit:

If it all lines up, I'd make up some shear pins from brass and try it. I've run propellers that were designed for clutches with just brass shear pins without trouble, but they were 6 hp or less. just make sure the propeller won't fall off if a pin shears.

Re: WG7 Lower Unit

Bryan - I've got that parts diagram but the shaft I have is not splined. So I am confused. I've also been corresponding with Joe Poole. Is there a way I can send a pic and if you had a pic of a KG7 propshaft with hardware that would be great. The diagram is not very sharp in the parts manual. I see parts that are clearly spined but the prop shaft doesn't appear to be. isn't. Also - it shows a bunch of parts number for clutch assembly (52-24488) but not for the KE7.

PS In the market for a KG7 LU too.

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