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need shear pin and prop info

Hey folks. I have a new to me wizard motor. It is model coc6609a96 and is 9.2 hp. I am needing shear pins and a new prop. I have an old parts catalog for it where the shear pin parts number is k-238 and the prop is a61265-3. I am not able to cross reference either numbers for current parts that may work. Can anyone help with shear pin size and ANY prop that would work for this motor. Thank you.

Re: need shear pin and prop info

That model number Wizard was made by Chrysler.

I found this in a post online:
According to Mich. catalogue of 1982, the 7½ and 9.2 hp uses the same prop. Mich. part # at that time was 3-blade, 8x5½ alu: AMC320 (rec. use for Cruisers and houseboats)2-blade, 8x8 alu: GC55 (rec. use 12-14' light boats)BTW these props also fits Ward's Sea King 8, 9 & 9.2 hp Elgin 7½ hp
As for sheer pins, I'd take a drill bit set and figure what the hole size is on the prop shaft and cut my own from brass rod.

Re: need shear pin and prop info

Just to muddy the waters:
My Old Outboard Motor service manual claims that all the Chrysler models use a 5/32 X 1-3/16 inch stainless steel shear pin. The 9.2 hp model uses an 8" diameter 8" pitch right hand rotating (clockwise) two bladed aluminum propeller and is standard on all models.