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Need WD-3S rebuild information

Recently got a wd-3s thrown in on a deal for a boat I bought. This engine has been sitting in the back of a garage for years. I'm really just looking for sum guidance on where to go forparts, possibly a rebuild kit. I live in St Louis, MO. If anyone is kinda close I'd love a second opinion plz. Thanks folks

Re: Need WD-3S rebuild information

Western Auto sold Wizard brand outboards made by Kiekhaefer (Mercury) from 1940 thru
late 1950s Similar to Mercury KD3S but with some differences. Most of what you will need
to restore your Wizard can be found at an auto parts store.

Look it over carefully to decide if it has enough original paint and decals to make it
a refresh rather than a restore. Also check for damaged or missing items. It s not uncommon to find missing covers, knobs and grips. It is also not uncommon to find
gas cap and/or vent screw to be stuck. Be careful not to damage the cap or vent screw
as they can be hard to find and expensive.

There a few dos and don'ts to keep in mind...keep track of where fasteners came from
for that is where they must return (unless some prior person has already mixed them up)
Take photos and make notes as you take it may need to jog your memory
when putting it back together.

Wear, corrosion and deterioration over the 7 decades since it left the factory may have
to be addressed. Surprisingly wear may be the least difficult to deal with...many outboards were used only for a couple weeks a summer for 8 or 10 years and were then
put away until a next year that never came.

Big Smile Day...the day you go put putting with your Wizard


Revive...minor clean adjust is all that is needed
Refresh...more work needed but no major items
Restore...may involve a full or partial tear down to replace or repair components
What gets done should depend upon what is needed...trying to get by with less does
not always turn out well...doing more may waste time and money.