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1964 wizard 14.1 h/p water pump

I have a 1964 wizard 14.1 h/p outboard motor model number MLM- 6915B I am having no luck finding a water pump for it. Does anyone know where I can find one?

Re: 1964 wizard 14.1 h/p water pump

Do you mean water pump (assemnbly) or water pump impeller (replaceable element)?
Your Wizard was made by Scott Atwater (which at time had become part of
McCulloch) It is VERY likely parts are same as equivalent Scott Atwater
Flying Scott probably has sure to order 2 as Bail-O-Matic feature
requires one also. If not using that feature there is a way to disable so
only one is needed. Your motor also has a thermostat to regulate cooling
water flow for improved engine performance.
Most ,if not all, gear shift motors have water pump on drive shaft inside
drive shaft housing. Replacing water pump impeller is more involved than with
than with prior generation of non shift models. I suggest you find a manual
to at least get an idea of what you are in for OR have gotten into.

Parts other than impellers will have to come from a parts motor or in some
cases New Old Stock.

Hope this is of some help

Several vendors specialize in parts motors and parts from same.
Be sure you need what you buy and you buy what you need.
That may take some back and forth questions and answers.
What you have is a Wizard made by Scott so there is where you may find your parts and
information. Period after market manuals are more general than manufacturers
manuals but are usually good enough to get by with. You local library MAY like
mine have shelves of old technical manuals for outboards...I live in an area that
has lots of boaters and old outboards.