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wd4s lower unit

i am in process of removing 6hp wd4s lower unit the water tube hasn't come loose yet is this pipe just press in or special way disconect

Re: wd4s lower unit

Sometimes the upper screw holding the waterpump casting is too long and pinches the
water tube. Remove water pump assembly (two screws) and see if that makes a difference
If this is the problem the water tube may be squeezed down so as to restrict flow
of cooling water to powerhead.

On the other hand the tube may be corroded into the socket in gear case. Heat and beat
may cure that OR it may not.

Worst case the tube is stuck firmly in place. IF you do not have to take assembly apart
not a problem.

With powerhead separated from lower unit assembly you will see the flare of tube at top
rear of "leg" Use a hammer and punch to carefully reduce flare so gear case assembly
and tube can be withdrasn as a unit. There nut on stud at swivel assembly and a screw
at back end of gear case attach the gear case to "leg" Water pump must be removed to
access that screw.

I have run into the problem with a Wizard that had a steel water tube. Used the old steel tube as a pattern to bend a replacement water tube from copper tubing. Cut the
tube a bit long on both ends and trim to length AFTER installing in leg. Same with
flaring. Tube is withdrawn and installed thru bottom of leg.

NOT a hard job. It does take a bit of fit and try to get bend in tube so it will clear
drive shaft when installed in leg.

HINT lay the old tube on a plank and outline it with felt marker. I also made a trough
with some small strips of wood to hold the straight section in place while bending
the curves.

Most water tubes are copper tubing. At some point steel was used, possibly, cost or
material unavailable.

Not difficult, just common sense and fit/try until you are satisfied it is right.

This may be more cure than problem, so apply only as needed.