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1964 wizard 3.5 hp

model mlm-6904-b..647003100...looking for coil-points-condensor

Re: 1964 wizard 3.5 hp

Made by Scot/McCulloch. Not same as 1965 and later 4 hp mechanically.
Check magneto plate for brand and model. Several magneto manufactures supplied
the small engine makers including outboards. Condenser that fits space
available with a long enough lead need only be within a range of mfd to work
Coils may be available, if not a reasonable alternative is to use a coil that
will fit even if lamination need to be altered. Points often can be polished and
cleaned up. You may even find a complete magneto at an outboard a swap meet if you
know what you are looking for and keep your eyes open.
First thing is to look at magneto plate for brand and model information.