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wizard oputboard

trying to find info on a wizard outboard my friend has in his shed not sure but model looks like wd3 serial 11469. would like to know year etc.thank you

Re: wizard oputboard

Western Auto sold outboard motors made by Kiekhaefer under their Wizard brand
from 1940 to 1956/7. WD3 model is a 1946 3 1/2 hp single cylinder.
Kiekhaefer sold a similar model as a Mercury KD3.
Nice little restoration project. Prior use and care will determine difficulty and cost.
If you have basic tools and have worked on a lawnmower or similar small engine you
will be able to do it without having to break too much new ground.

Re: wizard oputboard

Thank you, are Manuals for sale somewhere?

Re: wizard oputboard

Early outboard motors generally had an owners manual and illustrated parts list
Actual repair manuals were pretty scarce, even more so for a "store brand" outboard.
There is such an owner's manual posted on the site for a WD4S which is not
exactly what you have, but, worth downloading for reference. It may be worth noting
that the Wizard part number begins with a "W" while the equivalent Mercury part
number begins with an "M" It may also be worth knowing that there were 3 Kiekhaefer part number systems...a number keyed to part illustration, early postwar the "M" prefix keyed to illustration and the system adopteted in the early 1950s with a prefix number keyed to component such 47-XXXXX for impellers and 48-XXXXX for propellers
Since Kiekhaefer made both Mercury and Wizards (1940-1956/7 there is a good deal of
commonality. Kiekhaefer issued a New Parts List for Mercury Models manufactured 1939 to 1953 which is available as a reprint.

If you take photos as you take motor parts off and make notes you will not find too
much difficulty. Bear in mind that each fastener you remove has to go back into the
same location...very minor difference in length and head sizes will drive you up the
wall if you just throw them all in the same pile. Prior persons who may have worked
on motor may not have paid attention and may even tried to use unsuitable substitutes
such as wood screws. Some screws are fine thread, most are coarse thread (nuts also.)
First motor is the test,,,lessons learned will be useful with future motors.

Re: wizard oputboard

Here are pics of my WD3

My motor is missing the casting covering the spark plug, but most of these were taken off and lost.
The instructions for the WD4S are in this post.
They are spot on for running your WD3 except for the fuel mix.
You will probably need to replace the grease in the foot with lubriplate 105 and replace the impeller.