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believe 1968 wizard 3.5 hp model C0C06503A86

Hey Everyone,
I just today bought this old motor, said it's 3.5HP, I clamped it to the side of my trailer and started cleaning it.
Plate says it's Model #C0C06503A86, Gas tank is White with Wizard logo, missing the gas cap, has acorns in it, poor squirrel.
Motor turns and has some compression, haven't tested it as the pull start mechanics
are gone and so is my gauge at the moment.

I removed and completely cleaned the carb, it was actually better looking than most mowers I work on.
Spinning the motor with a drill shows no Spark, I was told it quit around 8 years ago
and it was just laying under a tarp.
I am attempting to remove the flywheel with a puller to get to the coil, but it's currently stuck tight, so it's soaking.
Can someone tell me the best way to remove the flywheel?, is it a flywheel? as it looks pretty easy to crack.
I also will need gas cap, recoil start parts, the odd knob parts.
This is air cooled correct ?

This is my first time with a small vintage motor

A manual for this little guy would be great if it actually has this motor in it.
The ones I see on ebay don't really say what motor

I would be interested in buying a slightly bigger one if someone has one not too expensive that can ship it, maybe 10 to 15HP complete, non running, but not crushed and scattered either, just a thought.
Any help would be fantastic
I'm in SC.

Thank you all for being here and expanding the knowledge base

Re: believe 1968 wizard 3.5 hp model C0C06503A86

Without meaning to throw cold water on your new found toy...a few cautions are in order
1) an incomplete outboard that someone has removed parts from is likely to be a longer and more expensive than starting with a complete example. Yours Wizard was manufactured
by Chrysler (Chrysler purchased West Bend in 1965) Chrysler supplied outboards to several retailers store brands as well as selling as Chrysler brand outboards.

Flywheels can be routine or difficult. Important to protect crankshaft threads with
a nut when attempting to remove flywheel. Usual technique is to install flywheel puller,
tighten screw and Bop end of screw ONCE...often that is enough...if not leave tension
on sometimes the flywheel will come loose with a BANG minutes or hours later...if that
does not do the job...get out torch or heat gun and a birthday candle....gently heat
hub of flywheel until it is warm enough to melt the wax from the candle so the liquid
is drawn into the taper between hub and crankshaft...old technique that worked well
on a flywheel that just would not budge...immediate results.

Vintage after market manuals will show you all you need to know...your air cooled motor actually has a water pump to cool exhaust

Practice and hone your skills on the motor you have while keeping eyes and ears open for the motor you want. Try to stay with Johnson Evinrude models from mid 1950s and
later with magneto cautious with partial or disassembled motors unless
price is low enough you can write it off if too difficult or too expensive to repair.

Welcome to an interesting hobby.

Re: believe 1968 wizard 3.5 hp model C0C06503A86

Thank you for the useful information Louis, I've gotten the flywheel off using wedges to maintain pressure with moly oil sprayed on it, took an overnight, but it popped off without damage.
Dusty, but nice shape under there, I'm going to test the coil, but replace it either way, the one in it looks pretty old.
Going to find a manual that shows how to remove it, odd the coil screws come in from the bottom and un access able without removing the plate.
Unique little motors, they are entertaining.